AWRY​-​BA001 - Examination of Anomalous Self​-​Experience

by Notzing



AWRY - Binary Archives 001
Notzing - Examination of Anomalous Self-Experience.

This EP is about the self-disorder, a psychological phenomenon of disruption or diminishing of a person's sense of minimal self.

The Examination of Anomalous Self-Experience (EASE) is a psychiatric semi-structured interview that attempts to capture the extent of the mainly non-psychotic self-disorders experienced by the person. It is divided into 5 domains:

Cognition and Stream of Consciousness.
This domain covers disturbances in the flow of thoughts and experiences, including such self-disorders as "thought pressure", an experienced chaos of unrelated thoughts, "loss of thought ipseity", a sense as if the person does not own their thoughts (but not to the level of psychosis), and "spatialization of experience", where the person experiences their thoughts as if they occurred within a space.

Self-Awareness and Presence.
This domain deals with dissociative experiences of the self and world as well as a tendency toward intense reflection, in addition to a declining understanding of how to interact with others and the world called "perplexity" or "lack of natural evidence";

Bodily Experiences.
This domain deals with alienating experiences of the body as well as with "mimetic experiences", the sense of a person that if they move, pseudo-movements of other, unrelated objects are experienced.

This domain covers specific disturbances in the person's ego boundaries such as the person confusing their own thoughts, ideas, and feelings for that of their interlocutor.

Existential Reorientation.
Domain oriented to changes in the person's experience of the world that reflect the effect of self-disorders on the person's worldview.


released September 10, 2019


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AWRY Milan, Italy

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